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Friday, September 7, 2012

Camerons Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Let's take a break from food for a while.  I've not been baking since my reno started more than a month ago and thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you our most recent family holiday over the long weekend.

I have a relatively big family and we try our best to get together in anyone's house for a 'makan-makan' (cook-and-eat session) or if possible, go somewhere for a short holiday.  We'd like the latter to happen more often but since everyone is working, organizing a holiday together can be quite a challenging task.  Thanks to my second sis who organized this holiday, we took the opportunity of the long weekend, being Friday, August 31st, was a public holiday over here in Malaysia in observation of our Independence Day, my sis suggested that we rented a bungalow in the highlands where it has its own courtyard and backyard where all the children and the adults can spend some quality time together.  That's what we did.  Four cars packed with our necessities and food, drove up to Cameron Highlands which is situated in Pahang state in Malaysia where it is much colder than here in the city.  Cameron Highlands is where most of our vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits produce comes from.  So you can imagine the number of farms/plantations they have there and I bet you can imagine how full our cars were when we drove back down to the city! hahahaa...Here are some pics of our short wonderfully cool holiday..

Fauna in Cameron Highlands.  This is called the Lantern Flower due to it's shape.

Woo hoo..let's check out this place!  The Rose Bungalow.

The Rose Cottage opposite the Rose Bungalow

Night view of the valley from the patio.

Kids having fun in the beautiful garden.

Our popular tea farm - The BOH Tea plantation.  Our best tea comes from this beautiful scenic landscape of tea plantation.

This is Lucky, the caretaker's dog.  He's gentle and friendly.  We grew quite attached to him in such a short time.  Missing you, Lucky!

This is the Strawberry & Mushroom farm.  You can buy these mushrooms as you see it in this bags and cultivate if in your own home.  For the mushrooms to grow, you need to place this in the house and away from direct sunlight.  According to the farmer, each bag can produce mushrooms about 7-8 times a year and these are all edible mushrooms.  Only thing is, it will not produce after a year.  My sis bought these.  I shall visit her every month in the hope of getting to sample some of these gems..heehheeehee
Look at those red juicy succulent strawberries!  I bought almost 2 kilos of these red rubies to make jam and ice cream..that shall be in my next post..hahhaahaa
More tea...look at the contrast.  The mature trees were cropped so that new leaves will grow.

Wonderful and lush..the air is so fresh and cool.  Rejuvenating!

When you go up to Cameron, you must drop by The Smokehouse for a cup of tea and scones serve with fresh whipped cream and their signature homemade strawberry jam.  Yup, after tasting the jam, it inspire me to make some too :D
Outside The Smokehouse and the following pictures were taken in the compound of the premise.  The garden is full of beautiful flowers and foliage and the building itself is so old, an inheritance from the colonial days.  The structure and the interior of the building are so rustic and very very English.


  1. What a beautiful place, and those mushrooms look so cool! Awesome photos Jen!

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    yorumunuza teşekkür ederim.
    ne kadar güzel yerler yeşilliğine bayıldım.
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    1. is a lovely place to go away from the city and i love the cool fresh air.

      Kas, thanks.

  3. Love this post! Full of nice pictures! It is clear you had a beautiful time there!!!

  4. Lovely, beautiful photos! A wonderful holiday destination with great company! Simply perfect!! Yoo-hoo!!!

    1. thanks, Andrea.

      Kitc Flav, certainly great company..:D

  5. Lovely Pics... Hope you a great time there !!

    Inviting you to join my on-going event Onam Sadhya ~ The Grand Feast


    1. Sharans, thanks for the invite but I'm quite lazy to participate in any cook-together thingy..i'll be happy to visit though..hehhee

  6. What beautiful scenery and gorgeous gardens. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. The looks on the children's faces say it all :-). Have a terrific day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Hi dear, first time here, you are having such a nice space, glad to follow you dear... when u get time visit my space... great clicks hope u enjoyed well...

  8. Wow what a beautiful place. I love all the photos but the one of the children jumping and the one with Lucky are my favorite. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Mary, for me any vacation anywhere, children makes the difference..we had a wonderful time.

      Vijay..thanks for visiting and welcome to my blog.

      Spicie Foodie- yes we like animals and we immediately got attached to Lucky. We hope he'll still be there when we re-visit next time.

  9. that's really a beautiful place that you all stayed! the surrounding is so serene and beautiful and also great view!! how come got coloured mushrooms ? never seen that before! hey, i spotted you know who lah! haha!

    1. Hi you spotted ehhmm ehemm...heehehee
      Yeah this the first time is see so colorful edible lovely rite..

  10. wowww lovely holiday ;-)). everyone super enjoyed!!!!

  11. Hi dear,

    I am looking out the contacts of these bungalow/cottage. would you mind to send me details to book this lovely place?

    do drop me an email at


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