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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buddy Valastro's Pasta Shrimp Scampi and an Italian Dessert

On Sunday morning, the program 'Kitchen Boss' was on AFC channel.  I've always enjoyed watching Buddy Valastro on Cake Boss but now he has a program on cooking?  Well, he is a great baker and maybe he's a great cook too...anyway, he's Italian isn't he?  So, worth watching.  Not only me but my almost 8 year old was glued to the TV as well.

He was cooking this pasta (Italian recipe, of course) with shrimp sauce and it looks so good.  After that, he also made his family way of doing the garlic bread and for dessert, this great looking tall glass with ice cream mixed with espresso and some whipped cream plus crumbs of cookies/biscuits.  Wow!  He managed to hold the attention of my lil gal and after that, my lil gal turned to me and said 'Mommy..I wanna eat this pasta for dinner'.  Then I go like ' hmmm..ok but let's see if I can remember all the ingredients'.

So, yup, that was our Sunday dinner alright and I decided to also replicate the dessert.  My hubby, son and myself like the pasta but my two girls thought that it's a bit too sour. Maybe I put in too much lemon juice but when I googled for the actual recipe, it uses 3 lemon whereas I used only 2.  Okay, next time I shall reduce the lemon juice to only one half.  By the way, the pasta is called (after I googled for it) Pasta with Shrimp Scampi but unfortunately, I couldn't find the recipe or the name of the dessert.

Pasta with Shrimp Scampi (my version to replicate as close as possible)
Fettucini/Linguine (I mixed fettucini and shell pasta)
Medium size prawns - deshelled and deveined (up to you how much prawns you'd like to use)
Italian cilantro (don't know where to get this, I used chinese cilantro)
bread crumbs (2 tbsp)
1/2 cup of parmesan (I don't have parmesan, I substitute with 2 slices of cheddar)
juice of 2 lemon
salt and black pepper
1 clove garlic, minced
olive oil
1/4 cup butter

1. Boil pasta until el dante.
2. Heat olive oil in a pan, add butter and garlic.
3. Add salt and pepper to taste, then put in the prawns.  Fry for a minute.
4. Add bread crumbs and lemon juice.
5. Lastly put in the cilantro, take off the heat and mix it into the cooked pasta. Serve immediately.

And here's the dessert.  Let's call it Buddy's Italian Dessert.

Buddy's Italian Dessert (replicate as close as possible) - makes 4
1 tub Vanilla ice cream
Espresso mix with hot water to make 1/4 cup
4 pieces of choc cookies (I used choc chips cookies since few days ago I taught my son how to bake some)
1 cup whipped cream (fully whipped)
Tall glasses

1. Put in 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream to the bottom of the glass, break half of the cookie and sprinkle the crumbs over it.
2. Pour in some espresso, then top up with a generous dollop of whipped cream (and more ice cream if you like), add the other half of the cookie crumbs and more espresso.  Serve.

Thumbs up for this dessert! Real yummy yummy yummy dessert. Sure is a keeper!

Since Malaysia is a country that has the most public holidays in the world, there's another one coming this, people, I'm going off on a short holiday again..yes, again. This time with my the rest of my big family that consists of my 5 other sisters with their own family and my dad.  We will be off to the highlands this time...a cooler climate with beautiful lush green Tea Farm, Strawberry Farm, Vegetable Farm, Butterfly Park and lots more.  One thing for sure, I'm gonna go get lots of strawberries and vegetables..and tea of course...heehhee


  1. omg, how to resist both? yum yum...

  2. A delicious seafood pasta and a heavenly dessert!

  3. that's a delicious pasta, i had pasta with breadcrumbs too but it was prefried and sprinkle on top of the dish. wow, your dessert! what's not to love?! i want!!

  4. Italian dinner? Next time make more, and call us over! Hehehe!

  5. Fantastica ricetta!!! Complimenti, un abbraccio

  6. Estupenda recetas son irresistible me encantan,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  7. Your family is lucky to have you cooking such a nice Italian dinner for them. Pasta too sour with too much lemon juice? Just "ship" them to Melbourne and we will eat them for you :D

  8. ummm ummm ummmmph!! the pasta looks absolutely delicious! i never had this type of pasta before but i would love to!! ;-))). complete meal with the dessert too. sedapnya!

    1. Thanks least my hub & son & I enjoyed girls love the dessert the most..hahhaa

  9. Hi, your recipe didnt mention when to add the parmesan. Also, is it grated parmesan or powder? Thanks! Would love to try this.

    1. Hi Esther..thanks for hopping by. Oops I forgot the part on the cheese. Add the parmesan the same time with the breadcrumbs. Hope you'll try's lovely.


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