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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aglio de Olio Spaghetti, Irish Soda Bread and A Little Bit of Grapes

I love simple, full of vegetable and extra spicy Aglio de Olio Spaghetti.  We had this for dinner tonight and  homemade Irish Soda Bread with generous helping of two types of cheeses that we bought during our holiday in Australia in June.  The Apricot & Almond Cheese and Chili Cheese.  Tasted great with freshly baked hot bread right from the oven!  Yumzz!  I will not post the recipe for my version of Aglia de Olio as this is such a simple dish to make and very versatile.  You can use what ever ingredients you want.  May it be seafood, or chicken or just vegetables.  You can never go wrong with this.

And of course, since this might be too spicy for my 2 princesses, I made them macaroni soup with chicken meatballs.  Don't be fooled by the clear soup.  It's actually quite tasty. The cauliflower and carrot added sweetness to it. 

Irish Soda Bread!  Very easy to make.  Pre-heat oven to 190degree celsius.  Mix 2 1/2 cup of flour with 1/2 tsp each of bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar.  Add in 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of sugar.  Mix them up and rub in 20g of butter to resemble breadcrumbs.  Then add about 200 ml of milk.  Knead dough but do not over knead as it will turn hard after baking.   Place it in a lightly greased tray and bake for about 30-35 mins till done.
Just imagine the crustiness and yet soft in the inside after it's baked.  Be generous with the cheese or butter and I tell you, it's heaven!

 In the background, the Chili Cheese on the left and Apricot & Almond Cheese on the right.  Great combination!

And now, some updates on my garden.  I planted cherry tomatoes from the seeds.  Planted it in a pot and after more than 2 months, it's starting to bear fruits.  I'm all excited and can't wait to taste them.

And what about my grapes?  Well, we did some reading from the internet (some facts finding in the internet is really good) and it says that to get the most from your grape vines for good healthy fruits, is to prune the vines.  The least leaves left on the vines is the better as the leaves will deprive the fruits from getting all the nutrients and the result will be unhealthy fruits.  Unhealthy here means that the fruits will be small and will look miserable.

After reading up on pruning the vines, we decided to chop-off all the leaves and just leave the main bark of the grape vines.  After about 1 - 2 weeks, the leaves started to grow.  Then, one fine morning when I decided to take a close look at the leaves and new branches, I discovered a couple of grape flowers growing along the bark of the vine.  And now, they are turning into tiny little grapes.  There are 15 bunches in total!  We are very excited as this is the first time ever after 3 1/2 years, we get more than a bunch or two growing simultaneously together.  Looks like finally we will get enough of grapes for everyone!..err everyone would be my sisters, my in-laws, my neighbour and my office friends.  Wow, I hope there will be enough for everyone! Haahaaa...

Sorry...this is the only bunch that we managed to take as the others are rather small and hidden by the leaves. Will take more pictures when the bunches are much larger and when they start to 'overhang' from their branches. my wine making dream is coming closer now???!!?? hmmm....


  1. did u steal those bread frm your nearby bakery shop? Goash, it looks gooooooood!!
    17:02 *ngek nngek ngek*

  2. Hi 17.02! Heehee wish i can just 'steal' one from the nearby bakery but they don't have such rustic looking bread, unfortunately! Told my hubby that I got to update my blog as my no.1 fan, that is you, will definitely wait for my updates! waakaakaaa..I will be updating with another one right after this. So, happy 'feasting'!


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