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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

It's Mothers Day today and we are missing our wonderful late mom, Nyonya Chwee, who left us two years ago to continue her karma with Lord Buddha. We know deep in our hearts that she's now happy and in peace, overlooking us for our well-being and with much love.

We love you mom, with all our hearts and you will forever be with us!

My hubby and wonderful loving children treated me to an early Mothers Day lunch yesterday at La Goumera, a spanish restaurant. Received lots of homemade cards from my children and plastic roses too! As you can see from the picture on the left, my 6 yrs old gave me her birthday card and wrote the word 'Mommy' inside and gave it to me. She even drew a picture of me complete with a crown too! The cards below are drawn by my's a wonderful feeling that I can hardly describe to receive such thoughtful gifts. Of course, not forgetting, I get to choose recipe books from Book Xcess, present from my hubby and children! Of course, I chose none other than my all-time favorite chef, Jamie Oliver! It's a promo package inclusive of Meditarranean recipes on tapas.

The Cheeky Girls!

What lovey dovey son!

And loving hubby too!

And now a tribute to all mothers out there, here's a very healthy recipe of avocado dip to go with nachos, sandwhich or to serve it with grilled fish or chicken dish. It's so simple to make and you don't have to cook it.


2 avocados - mashed
1/2 lemon- for the juice
salt and pepper

Mixed all together and it's done!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Mum is definitely smiling!
    Wow, beautiful special presents! The avocado dip looks yum!

  2. Yes...It tasted so fresh and creamy!


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