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Friday, August 21, 2015

Durian Pancake

Oh Gosh! Has it been 3 months since my last post?  Can't believe that its already end of August!

I have to admit that I've been neglecting my blogging for quite a bit.  Why?  Er.. not enough time?  Too busy? Lazy?  Well, all of those excuses but I would say it is all due to being more lazy than anything else. 

I also have to admit that I've not been visiting my fellow bloggers as often too.  Again, the excuses above! 

However, I've not been lazy in the kitchen though.  In fact, I've been very busy in my kitchen and might I add, have been a little bit more creative too.  I took pictures of those 'creative' baking and now I'm going to show you one of the goodies that I've recently made.  Er, maybe not that recent but at least about a month ago. :)

This is for all Durian lovers out there.  I, for one, am the greatest fan of the King of Fruits.  This pancake is so soft and just out of the world.  The crepe is so thin and the 'meaty' filling is just fantastic.

Take a look at these wonderful morsels and you can almost taste the custardly creamy filling and the aroma, oh.. just just heavenly!  Some of you might cringe your nose and stay as far as you can but for me, it's the sweetest smell ever! lol

The first time I ate this pancake was many years ago at one of the luxury hotel in KL.  After that I just had to make this which I did seven years ago.   Can you imagine, this is only the second time that I made this?  Hmm... why did I take so long to make this again? 

Durian is a seasonal fruit but can be found all year round.  The price however, is cheaper when the season is in though. 

Pancake Skin/Wrapper:
30g icing sugar
30g tapioca flour
15g plain flour
15g melted butter
8 eggs, beaten
190g water

Filling: 100 g whipping cream, whipped
200g durian flesh
Mixed both together until well mixed

1. To make the pancake skin, combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir until smooth. Heat up a 15cm frying pan and pour enough batter mixture. Swirl the pan around so the base of the pan is evenly coated with thin layer of batter. Pour out excess batter into the mixing bowl. Shallow fry over low heat until the sides if the pancake curl up slightly, flip out the skin on to a plate.  Skin should be paper thin,
2. Spread the filling in the skin and fold into small parcels. Chill and serve immediately.

For All durian lovers, I do encourage you to try this out.  You'll never regret.  Enjoy!


  1. Perfect timing! I have frozen durian that needs to be used up, and I didn't know what to do with them (apart from just eating them). Pancakes sounds like a great idea! Thanks :)

  2. Hi Jenn, how you doing? Good to see you back in action. Nice pancake but I'll eat plain without the durian. :))

    Have a nice weekend,regards.

  3. It's durian season again! I am not as crazy as my hubby with durian but I do like the dessert make with it. Great to have you back!

  4. welcome back! very nice pancakes ! delicious

  5. Welcome back! It is always nice to have a break from what we usually do... Nice pancakes :)


  6. nice pancake! i seldom eat durian but if in cake or other forms like this pancake, i will not say ' no'!

  7. una delicia me encantó,abrazos


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