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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy 2015 everyone!

My family and I ended 2014 with a great vacation in the UK and Europe.  We had month-long of great time and now looking forward to even a greater 2015.

However, my heart goes out to the families of Malaysian plane incidents, MH370, MH17 and most recent, Air Asia crashed en route from Surabaya to Singapore.

Although we cannot stop natural disasters nor accidents from happening, I do wish everyone to be extra careful and be safe for your family and love ones.

Here's wishing all of you happiness, good health, good fortune, kindness, wisdom and most of all be safe.  It's going to be a better and greater 2015!

These pictures are taken from my vacation in Innsbruck, Austria.  I'll post more pictures once I have the opportunity.. (Louise, these are for you!)



  1. Wishing you a marvellous New Year :)

  2. Hi Jenn, Happy New Year to you and family. Nice holiday, beautiful pictures.

    Best regards

  3. Oh Jenn, if you only knew the sparkle that came to my face when I saw these amazing pictures! Thank YOU ever so much. I am in awe of their sheer beauty!

    It makes me so happy to know that you and your family are safe and that you had a well deserved family vacation. Thank you so much for sharing, Jenn. Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy 2015!!!

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Just me stopping by to say hi:) Hope all is well:)

  4. Wonderful photos. I hope you have enjoyed your vacation!

  5. Happy Belated New Year's to you, WB! Haven't been around much to actually visit my blog friends, so yeah.... I'm actually apprehensive about my flight next week after all of the aviation disasters that struck Malaysia in the last year. =O


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