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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I bet by the time you landed in my blog, you'll go 'oh no! not another halloween post!'.  Well, yes, it's Halloween today and although this is a big celebration in the US and not so much in some countries, especially Malaysia, I do want to make something to celebrate this day.  I don't have a costume party to go to neither do I go for trick or treat but I'm not gonna miss the fun just because we don't celebrate this over here.

So here's a post on my much needed improvement Halloween Red Velvet Cupcakes but before that, let's get into the mood of Halloween.

For the past week there's been a lot of scary movies shown on Astro.  Tonight, on History Channel, there's this documentary on Zombie and the movie channel, Hallowscream is on.

I do enjoy scary movies and I love to watch paranormal activity kind of program or documentary on real life stories ie. The Haunting, Ghost Adventures, TAPS etc.  I've always been intrigued by stories of ghosts, spirits, supernatural etc.  When I was little, I remember watching this local Malay movie called 'Pontianak' which means Vampire.  I remember that it was the most scariest movie of all at that time but now looking back, it's actually quite hilarious to think how scared I was. After all, what do you expect from an 8 or a 9 year old kid.

Many stories of personal encounters were told by my late mom, her friends, our neighbors and as I was growing up, more stories from school friends.  It doesn't stop there.  I continue to collect more stories from my office mates.  With so many stories being told, I think I can start to write short stories on all of them for those who have the thirst for it...hahahaha

What I am about to share with you here is on my personal encounter with the unseen which was seen by me about more than a month ago.  This happened in my office and it happened in the morning.  So, who says ghosts only appear at night!

Here's how the story goes...

One morning around 10+, I was looking for a colleague of mine in her office.  Let's call her Miss A.  Miss A wasn't in and so I walked past her office in search for her.  She could be in the pantry or maybe in another friends office I thought.  She was nowhere insight.  Then I thought she might be in a meeting.  I gave up looking for her and decided to go back to my office.

As I was passing by one of my other colleague's office (let's call her Miss B), I looked inside Miss B's office and I saw Miss B was on the phone.  She was seated behind her desk and there's a chair on the opposite side of  her desk.  At that splitting glance through her office while walking past, I saw this black figure sitting on that chair right opposite her.  I could not make out the outline of that figure and could not see the face although it's only about 5 - 6 feet away from where I was. What I can make out is a silhouette of a lady, all black and the outline was kind of shady.  That figure was seated uprightly rigid and was either looking at or past Miss B.  I felt it was quite strange and took a step back and looked again but that figure had disappeared.  The best part was, the swivel chair that the figure was sitting on, was not even facing Miss B.  It was actually facing the wall away from Miss B.  After Miss B was done with her phone call, I asked her if anyone was with her and she said no.

Okay.. so what did I saw a moment ago? I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. It was only 10 plus in the morning.  How can a ghost appear in a broad day light but I know what I saw.  I have seen the unseen which I was told of so many times by so many people who had an encounter or similar experience with the beings from the other world.  Knowing that my office is full of paranormal activities which some 'privileged' friends of mine have encountered, I was more than sure that what I had seen was true and not an imagination. This was further confirmed by Miss A when I finally saw her after lunch and she told me that she saw shadow passing by the ladies washroom while she was there.  There were no one else there at that time except for her.  There were no sound of footsteps but she saw a shadow passing by under the door.

Are you spooked?  You should be as it really spooked my friends when I relate this to them.
Let me spook you more by offering you blood red velvet eyeball and insects cupcake... Muahahahahahha!!!
Well, the eyeball cupcake doesn't look so much like an eyeball but who cares, it's Halloweennnnn...

Happy Halloween, Everyone! Trick or Treat??!!


  1. just beautiful and Happy Halloween!!

  2. Ha, my hair is standing! In the office, in the morning? Heard stories like that from my ex colleagues too, they were operators at the Data Centre who were working on night shifts, according to them they will sometimes hear the sounds of keyboard clicking away even though there is no one else around! Spooked or not, i still want some of your red velvet cupcakes if you still have them :)

  3. Ha ha, Jenn, it's not Halloween anymore! It's so late here now I'm going to go to sleep thinking of your ghost story, lol...

  4. Hi Jenn, thanks for sharing your ghost story. Ghost can appear anytime, not necessary at night. I'd experience supernatural and spirit when my FIL was down with stroke. And my FIL was process by spiritual thingy for 6 months until he past away.

    Your spooky cupcake look cute and delightful.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. cool! specially cupcakes with spider's web - scary :)

  6. Your ghost story sounds interesting. These Halloween cupcakes look so cute, beautifully decorated!


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