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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strawberry Scones and Cameron Highlands Holiday Get-a-way

The last week of the 2-weeks school break in mid June brought us to a short holiday in Cameron Highlands.  Yup.. again! If you have been following my earlier posts, my big big family and I went there last October.  We had a great time there and now, it's only us.

It was a last minute decision which we enjoyed the much cooler air in the highlands as it was freaking hot in KL!

This time, we discovered a small old fashion cafe that serves tea snacks such as scones, pies, cakes and sandwiches.  Their scones are really yummy and the best part, the food there is so cheap.  If you ever go to Cameron, I highly recommend you to visit The Lord's Cafe at Tanah Rata.  This quaint little cafe is on the first floor of Mary Brown outlet.  You can't miss it as it's right smack by the main road of Tanah Rata.

After eating their homemade strawberry scones, I felt inspired to make some when I get home and I did.  The recipe is at the end of this post.  Here are some of the pictures of our holiday.
 Lavender Farm

Me and my mini me at the Lavender Farm

 Taken at the Rose Farm

A small cabbage patch in the Rose Farm
Below is the strawberry scones that we had at Lord's Cafe.

And now, here's the recipe for my strawberry scones.

1 stick chilled butter, chopped, plus extra for greasing
3 cups self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup icing sugar, extra for sprinkling
1 cup dried strawberries, chopped
scant 3/4 cup milk, extra for brushing
1. Pre heat the oven to 160dC. Grease a 12-inch square cookie sheet.
2. Sift the flour and baking powder into a mixing bow,add the salt and butter, and cut the butter into the flour using a pastry blender until the mixture resembles bread crumbs.  Add the sugar, strawberries and milk and mix to form a dough, adding a little more milk if the mixture is too dry.
3. Sift flour onto a clean countertop and roll the dough to 1 inch thick using a rolling pin. Cut out 10 scones with a 1 1/2 inch round cutter, gathering up the trimmings and re-rolling as necessary.
4. Place the scones on the cookie sheet so that they are touching each other, which helps the scones to rise up straight. Brush the tops of the scones with a little milk and sprinkle with icing sugar.
5. Bake 12 - 15 mins until the scones are golden brown and sound hollow when you tap it from the bottom. Remove from oven and serve warm with strawberry jam and whipping cream.

 I served these scones with my homemade strawberry jam.  Where did the strawberries come from?  From Cameron Highlands, off course!..hheheheh..
 To wash it all down, nothing beats the strawberry tea..from the Camerons too.  Simply fantastic and satisfying tea!

Wanna have some scones?? 


  1. wow jen.. sedapnyaaa.... dah lama tak masuk your blog.. new look eh.. (Y)
    my blog has long been defunct.. hehe...

    1. Hey, Has..long time no hear. Ingat dah pergi mana..hehhehe..thankd for popping in :)

  2. what beautiful and lovely pictures of all and love the picture of you and your little!
    And of course love these scones!!! amazing!!

  3. Lovely pictures!
    I love your scones.

  4. The scones are absolutely delicious!

    What I like most about Cameron Highlands is actually the Strawberry Ice-Cream. A mixture of a sweet and sour tang at each bite.

    1. Gloria, Xandrinne and Waverly, Thanks for your kind comments.

      Yes,Waverly, me too, like the strawberry ice cream.. so refreshing.

  5. What a wonderful holiday! Both of the flowers and vegetables looks so good! Strawberry scones are tasty, I'm glad that our strawberry are in season now! :)

  6. Lovely lavenders! And cute mini you! hahaha!
    Delicious scones with homemade strawberry jam is a bliss to have with freshly brewed tea from the Highlands! Lucky you!

  7. Lovely pictures & you look great not forgetting your mini you too. Now I've begining to harvest some strawberries from my patch . So I can try out this scone recipe of yours. I've not been to Cameron Highlands for more than 30 years! LOL Looks lovely!

    1. Veron, KF, Kit, Thanks! I bought extra strawberries and try a method to freeze them. Looks like it's a success cos its still looking fresh in my freezer. Wait till I de-frost them and then I'll know..hahhaha

      Kit, I love Cameron, maybe because I like going to the vegetable and fruits farms. :)

  8. Hi Jenn, lovely pictures of you and your cute girl. The lavender farm look so nice, haven't been to Cameron for a long time. :)

    Your scones look delicious, thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  9. hi jen! i didnt know they have lavender farm there! it's beautiful! Shall remember th elord's cafe the next time i visit!

  10. I remember your last trip Jen and this one looks just as exciting! What a beautiful family you have:) Love the pictures of the Dahlias too. So pretty.

    Of course, when it comes to scones, especially strawberry, I'm all in. They look mighty good.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  11. great recipe, I love these scones
    how do you think - could I make them with bilberries or rasberries?

  12. Lena, yes, I think the Lavendar farm is new as we didn't even see it when we went there last Oct. The flowers there especially the roses are almost as big as my face. hahha

    Hey Louise, it's so good to hear from you. If you ever visit Malaysia, please stop by our highlands. Pretty interesting if you like farms.. :)

    Kas, yes you can use other berries but would suggest you use dried ones rather than fresh ones. Fresh one will add moisture from the juice.

  13. Lovely pics, the lavender farm is new to me too. Must make a point to visit next time, very pretty. Your strawberry scones look delicious!


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