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Friday, April 19, 2013

Rendang Tok

My dear blogger friends, I have to apologize for not visiting you as often as I would have liked.  I've been so busy lately and didn't have time to even update my post as often as I like.

What choice do I have?  I have to earn a living and 3 mouths to feed etc etc etc.  Anyway, here's my mutton rendang which I cooked more than a month ago and now, would like to share the recipe with you.
I modified the recipe as I find that at times you can't follow it word for word.  You have to use your gut feel if that's the right way to cook it or not.  The original recipe boils everything together.  The meat, the ingredients and everything.  Well, I did that but I also add extra step by frying it at the end to get the 'dry' texture.  And I'm glad I did that.

This dish actually is more suited to use beef but since I don't eat beef, I used mutton instead and the result is just as good.

What you will need:
500g beef or mutton
300 ml coconut milk
50g curry powder
20g jintan manis powder (aniseed)
2 cinnamon sticks
50g big onion   }
50g garlic         } blended together
50g ginger        }
50g galangal     }
30g dried chili  }
50g kerisik (grated coconut, fry without oil until golden and crispy)
20g grated coconut
Salt to taste
Cooking oil to fry

1. Mix coconut milk and the blended ingredients in a wok and let boil over medium heat.
2. Add in the aniseed powder, curry powder and cinnamon sticks and mix well.
3. Put in the meat and the grated coconut and constantly stir until it's almost dry and meat is tender, add salt.
4. Lastly, add the kerisik and mix well.
5. Add in enough cooking oil (vegetable oil) and fry the rendang until it's dry.  Serve with hot fluffy rice or nasi himpit (rice cakes) or bread.

Kept well frozen up to several months.


  1. Complimenti per la fantastica ricetta, così ricca e aromatica!!! Un abbraccio e buon fine settimana

  2. Yum! Yum! 500gm not enough! hahaha! Must triple the amount, then call me over!

  3. busy time, I know something about this :))) A nice dish :)

  4. Are we all busy with our real life? It's great to share recipes with u, I just love rendang! Delicious!

  5. Wow, your rendang looks so mouth watering.

  6. rendang tok is a popular perak dish if i'm not wrong. Looks mouthwatering! You relax ok..i am also so slow in catching up with everyones' posts :D

  7. Oh sedap nye! I've heard alot of this rendang Tok but have not try yet! Now looking at yours so invinting I pun nak masak! Bookmarking this recipe for sure! I was real busy too so no worries . It's not easy as a working mum & having a blog at the same huh!


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