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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Angry Bird Cake - Mango & Chocolate Chip Butter Cake

Every year we have double celebration on Christmas Day - my daughter's birthday and Christmas.  My daughter's birthday falls on the eve of Christmas Eve, and since everyone will come over, we usually celebrate her birthday on a grander scale on Christmas Day.  So each year, she'll looking forward for the 'double' presents as well.

She wants an Angry Bird cake this year and I promised her that I'll make one for her.  I'm glad that she liked it and so does everyone else.  The cake is a butter cake with fresh mango slices and chocolate chip in the centre.  Really good.  And now, let me take you a tour of the Angry Bird Cake.

My little angry birds and Mr Snowman...

You will see from the photos, there's no Black Angry Bird although I've made the figurine as for some reason, the gum paste just refused to harden and it was all sticky and gooey.  So, I discarded the black bird.

The Blue Bear..made this just for fun.

And here's the cake ..what a happy family of 'Angry' Birds and friends.

Birthday girl with her cake!

 Happy Birthday to our little precious snow white!  

And now, want a piece??

This is one of the presents that she loves most especially since it's sewn by my talented sister.  This sis of mine is very, very good at sewing and she has done many quilts ie. blanket, bags, table runners, pot holders, dresses and many more..I would suggest you visit her blog at  You will be amazed at her work.

Next post shall be a special nyonya dish prepared by the Master Chef! Dad!


  1. o Wow thats an amazing cake. such neat intricate work. many happy returns to your cute little snow white. lots of love to her.

  2. wow!!This cake is really beautiful...

  3. çok hoşlar gerçekten...
    sayfanızda öyle..
    izliyorum sizi.
    bende sizi bekliyorum sayfama,kulvarlarımız farklı olsada..
    kucak dolusu sevgiler..


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