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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Happy New Year 2012

Hi my dear bloggers, family and friends.

Thank you for your support and friendship all these years of my humble blogging.  Each and every comment posted, is very much appreciated.  Here's to good health, an abundance of wealth and much happiness to ALL in the coming 2012 year of the Dragon!

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year 2012 and may you be shower with much love and happiness throughout! Be safe always.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Party

This year Christmas is celebrated with much cheer than the last as my Dad and my sisters with their family joined in the party. Together with my in-laws, my house was packed to the brim.  Everyone chipped in with the menu and this is one particular dish that I just must tell you. Nyonya appetizer or finger food.  This is called 'Taukwa Sumbat' or Stuffed Beancurd.

My family love this and it's been ages since we had this..I mean, really, really a long time.  

This is the bean curd, fried and cut into triangles. Slit it open in the center to stuff in the cucumber strips and beansprouts

This is great..the bean curd is so soft and kinda melt in your mouth.

This is eaten with peanut sauce which is made of peanut, of course, and some chilies and vinegar, salt and sugar.

I served this in my newly acquired replicate of Nyonya 'antique' plate which hopefully, will be an antique itself after 50 years to  It's hand painted, mind you. Very pretty isn't it? And very, very expensive.  If you are interested to acquire one yourself, drop me an email...haahaa

And the genius behind this dish, none other than the Master Chef himself, MY DAD!
Thanks Dad, your Taukwa Sumbat was superb!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Thanks for your support in visiting my blog. Hope to post more interesting recipes next year!  A Happy New Year to all too!

Angry Bird Cake - Mango & Chocolate Chip Butter Cake

Every year we have double celebration on Christmas Day - my daughter's birthday and Christmas.  My daughter's birthday falls on the eve of Christmas Eve, and since everyone will come over, we usually celebrate her birthday on a grander scale on Christmas Day.  So each year, she'll looking forward for the 'double' presents as well.

She wants an Angry Bird cake this year and I promised her that I'll make one for her.  I'm glad that she liked it and so does everyone else.  The cake is a butter cake with fresh mango slices and chocolate chip in the centre.  Really good.  And now, let me take you a tour of the Angry Bird Cake.

My little angry birds and Mr Snowman...

You will see from the photos, there's no Black Angry Bird although I've made the figurine as for some reason, the gum paste just refused to harden and it was all sticky and gooey.  So, I discarded the black bird.

The Blue Bear..made this just for fun.

And here's the cake ..what a happy family of 'Angry' Birds and friends.

Birthday girl with her cake!

 Happy Birthday to our little precious snow white!  

And now, want a piece??

This is one of the presents that she loves most especially since it's sewn by my talented sister.  This sis of mine is very, very good at sewing and she has done many quilts ie. blanket, bags, table runners, pot holders, dresses and many more..I would suggest you visit her blog at  You will be amazed at her work.

Next post shall be a special nyonya dish prepared by the Master Chef! Dad!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cake

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas! Merry Christmas, everyone!

A friend of mine ordered a Christmas Cake for her family reunion.  She placed the order a few months ahead and she was excited when the day got nearer.  Told her that this will be my first ever Christmas Cake with Christmas theme that I will be selling and don't expect too much as in my previous blog, I'm quite an amateur at it.  So, here's my creation and I'm glad to see her expression when she saw this..which means, I've 'passed' my first phase! Phew!!

It's Chocolate Moist Cake, by the way, sandwiched with Chocolate Buttercream.  I actually thought of using Cream Cheese Icing but since she's gonna travel outstation, better not use cheese.  Here are some photos of the cake and please tell me if you like it or share some tips to improvise.

Next post (which will be very, very soon), on my family Christmas reunion together with my 7th year old birthday girl with her Angry Bird Cake!!

Till then, thanks for visiting and wish you all Good Tidings on this Blessed Christmas!