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Monday, October 3, 2011

Owl Vanilla Cupcake

Owl Vanilla Cupcakes!

My first attempt at making an animal cupcake.  Since Chelsea of Cupcake Adventures recently posted her collection of books of which I happened to own too, 'Hello, Cupcakes' I decided to try at making an animal cupcake.  The easiest one is the Owl!  So, here's my creation which is a little  My youngest girl who's turning 7 at year end, gave me hand a with her own creations.  I can see that there's potential in her...I've posted some of her creations below.

 Apart from the owl and the little supposed-to-be-monkey but ended to look like a dog, the rest are my daughter's creations with mommy's help at pipping the frosting.
 Ashleigh's M&Ms Wheels!

 Ashleigh's M&M Flower!

 Ashleigh's Tilit! (No idea what tilit is..haaha)

Ashleigh's Biscuit Candle - made specially for dad!


  1. so cute, juz like ashleigh!! yeahh!!

  2. Seems like you had lots of fun decorating these cupcakes. They are very cute. I love decorating cakes with my kid too.

  3. both mommy and daughter so creative.......17:02

  4. You have a cute little pastry chef in the making right under your nose! :)
    The cupcakes are so cute! Tell her, they are the cutest and yummiest cupcakes I've seen! :)

  5. Oh! That looks so cute. Nice idea :)

  6. Ohhh, the cupcakes are adorable. You made me smile. They are super funny and cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks everyone. I shall try more cupcakes for halloween..hmm..need to look up for ideas. maybe a pumpkin and a witch and spider?? lol


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