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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Garden, My Sanctuary

It's been a while since I posted updates on my little garden of herbs and fruits.  Since it's a public holiday today with nothing much to do except laze around and find inner peace (it's Wesak Day today), decided to spend some time 'inspecting' my fruit trees ie. grapes, passionfruit, kaffir lime, terung assam.  To my delight, I discovered another bunch of grapes.  This bunch is the 9th bunch!  Oh, what joy! So, this is the sign to my prayer for inner peace in this stressful life! Work stress la, what else!!

So let me take you to a brief tour of my little garden but a bountiful one, nonetheless!

This is the 8th bunch which we discovered from 'flower to fruit' stage.


 After more than a month.

 Discovered this today- the 9th Bunch! Woohoo!!

Purple Orchids!

 You know what flower is this? Yep, none other than 'Misai Kuching'.  This is a type of herb which is known to help in regulate blood sugar.  All you need to do is just steep the leave (flower too can be used) in hot water as you would tea and drink it.  It's flavorless.
Below are some pictures of the 'Terung Assam'.  I only have one plant and the pictures are taken from each different branches that produce the fruits.  See how many fruits it has from one single plant!  Can't wait for it to ripen.  This fruit can be eaten raw by making it into 'sambal belacan terung assam' as an accompaniment or can be added to Assam Pedas dish.  Thinking of it makes me salivate..oohh laa laa!  I know my neighbour is eyeing the fruit!!

 This is the flower..

And now, my kaffir plant is full of fruits too except that to get the fruit to grow is a challenge.  It always falls off prematurely from the stem.  To protect it and hope it will remain on the stem, I had it covered with plastic bags to keep from the wind and rain.  Looks promising...again, different branches from a single plant.

And finally but not least, my water lily plant...

Until the next time, I'll patiently wait for more grapes to appear! What about my passionfruit?? I'm impatiently waiting for it to flower! when? when? when? hmmm....


  1. Someone else is eyeing your terung asam too...and drooling about the coming sambal belacan!
    Let me know when the grapes ripens...we'll be right over!
    Happy Wesak Day!

  2. Ya..looks like i'd better keep a close watch on the terung assam so that i have enuf to make some for you...hahaaa will bring some grapes too and you can use it as part of your topping deco!

  3. garden abundance! hope my terung asam will fruit soon. sigh, wish i can plant grapes also.

  4. why don't you try planting grapes? who knows, maybe it can grow just like mine!


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