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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life Out of the Pot

Saturday, October 17, 2009

First of all, let me wish a very HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my Hindu friends!
Celebrated Deepavali a day early yesterday with my girl-friends (the 'G-Force') to an outing in Klang.

Since it was a holiday yesterday for us, the six of us got together for a day of eating spree. It was planned months ago but unfortunately one of us didn't managed to join in the fun due to home 'crisis'. Sue, just too bad you had to miss this!

So, the five of us went ahead and it was just all fun throughout the day. No traffic jam (except for on the way home later that evening), no stress, no BOSS, no office's just eat, eat and eat.

Well, we started off at about 8am and headed for Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Had a relaxing breakfast at Mr. Kaya cafe...
The waiter, who is a foreigner, was kinda confused with our orders. Probably it was too early to have a bunch of girls coming in for breakfast! But we had a good laugh at him, though.
We ordered a typical local breakfast of half-boiled eggs, toasted bread with butter and kaya, and of course, coffee.

From left to right: The stress-free faces of Munirah, Lulu, Jenny and Yuin. Oh, I'm not in the pic cos someone has to be the camerawoman!

From Mr. Kaya, we proceeded to Bkt Tinggi Jusco which is the biggest Jusco in Asia. Spent time browsing through the shops until about 11.30am before we headed for Carey Island for a long waited seafood lunch...

Top left, is the Steam Crab. Very fresh! Top right, is called Ochien (fried oyster with flour and eggs. It looks more like an omelette. It's not very good...can't beat the one in Malacca! Above, is the Kam Heong Crab, cooked with dried curry and dried prawns.

Sweet & Sour Crab with Fried Mantou. Taste is so-so.

That is not all folks! We had fried bee-hoon with bamboo clams, stir-fry sweet potato leaf and fried squid. Looks like a lot of food for 5 girls, right? Right! It took us more than 2 hours to do justice to the chef!

Here are some photos to proof how we enjoyed ourselves!

Top left, a mother-to-be. So she has every reason to have good appetite! Top right, see their happy faces! It's not only about the good food. It's the company that they were with that makes these 2 faces glow with happiness! haahaa.. Above, yours truly as guilty as they!

Mmmmm...Now, this is what I call 'real enjoyment'! Live the moment and let the moment be lived!! Well done, Jenny.

I'm sure you can just imagine how we walked out of the restaurant after a hearty meal. Yep! With a deep breath and a sigh trying to cover the bulging tummy!

You think that's all? Of course, that's not all! It's not complete without DURIANS! Mmmm...durians! The thought of it makes me drool!

We had durians after that but only 2 fruits (which is kinda disappointing!) cos all of us were so stuffed with food. Just like stuffed turkeys...hee.hee..sorry girls, for calling you turkeys! No that any of you look like's just a figure of speech!
Kampung Durian is still the best! We had the durians at a road-side stall in Pandamaran. Wished we hadn't eaten so much at lunch! No worries, girls, there's always another time! And I shall make sure that we'll have more than just 2 fruits!!

Durian Hantus having a feast!!!

Eat with no reservations folks! Who cares if anyone's staring! Way to go G-Force!

See how big one seed of durian is. Almost as big as my palm.

After the Durian feast, we headed back to Jusco to buy back some Nyonya Delicacies. Since we wanted to beat the evening rush-hour, we had to be satisfied and headed home! Sigh! What a day!

Well, we really had a fun-time! We should do this more often...thanks G-Force, for a lovely lovely day! Burp!! Ooops!


  1. hey ahee..i visited ur blog at a very bad i m terribly hungry and i have no food..haha...but i just wanna say nice blog, got flair for writing eh...hehe...y got blog tak cakap pun??bryan told me wan...

  2. no need to tell lah...just need to ajak me to go along & makan & u pay. hehe.
    yr bil!

  3. Hi you know, you can always check out my blog and give comments or ideas..haa..haa

    Anonymous, our next outing might be in april wanna come? haa.ha..


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