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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anything under the sun

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi! Just had dinner which my hubby prepared - pasta with meatballs and it's just superb! Thanks, dear for taking over the stove! While browsing the internet I decided to take on the advice from my sis to write a blog of my own. Ok, let's try this out...ok..mmm...I have no idea what to write!

I'm quite illiterate in terms of getting around in internet but I'm discovering and learning new things as I go along!

Everything has to start off with an introduction right?

Ok here goes. Well, I'm a Straits Born descendant originate from Malacca. For those who doesn't know what Straits Born is, well, we are Peranakans or more well known as the Babas & Nyonyas. If you log in to Nyonyapendekmelaka@blogspot, I am related to the author of that blog. She's my youngest sis and we have lots of things in common especially in the passion for cooking and baking. My sis has many interesting recipes in her blog and I'm trying to compete with her here! Haa..haa..haa. We are proud to say that we inherited this trait among many many others, from our beloved late mom, Madam Tan. Mom taught us well and her legacy lives on..

My latest passion in baking - CUPCAKES!. Not just any cupcakes but Image Icing Cupcakes and I'm doing that as my part time business too!

Here are some of the cupcakes with image icings that I've baked. Be it for Children's Party, Private Parties, Football Gathering Party, Baby Shower, Christmas etc cupcakes can be very versatile and is great as party favors.

This is the Blueberry & Lime Cake with Liverpool Icing which I've baked for my hubby's birthday early this month. The cake is not too sweet and it has a tinge of sourish lime to it which is really really refreshing. My family loved this.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake which has a moist texture and fruity flavour to it. The caramelized brown sugar that sits at the bottom of the cake when baked together with the pineapple, the taste is simply amazing! Thanks to the creator of this wonderful wonderful piece of cake!'s my roast chicken inspired by The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver. My all-time favorite celebrity chef! While doing up this recipe, (mixture of Jamie and yours truly with local influence), this dish leaves no meat left-overs at all! Jamie's all time favorite of a little dash of salt, black peppercorns and some lemon and a lot of olive oil, then it's good to go. Well, I've added pineapple in a can (i just love pineapple), add 1/2 a can of the pineapple syrup, sprinkle some mixed herbs and a little bit of honey. The juice that comes out of the chicken while baking goes well with garlic bread. If by any chance you have some left over, it's great to pack chicken sandwich for your lunch.

Oh by the way, I am also a part time florist. Will post some pic in my blog next time!


  1. Congrats Jen! You are indeed a talented homemaker and I am sure you will do well in business too...

  2. The proof is in the eating. I'd be glad to offer myself as the guinea pig to taste your masterpieces. If they indeed taste as good as they look, you can get my unbiased endorsement.

  3. Wah sedapnya. Looks like blogging is in trend for the J sisters now.

  4. Hey Jenn...just found out about your blog. Well done on all your creations. Question on earth do you find the time to do all this great stuff with the 3 kids??? I'm lucky if I have the time to sit down and have a cup of tea :)p/s love the comforter your made!

  5. wah!ah ee if you put Michael Jackson icing cupkakes images on your blog,sure your buiness very good one!see all your recepies i also want to eat lah!bye bye!from Amanda.


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