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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Buffalos & Wings

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Yesterday celebrated my little girl's birthday who turned eight years old on November 6th. Felt like it was only yesterday that she came into this world and now she's already 8! How time really flies...before I know it, she will be 18 all too soon!

Don't grow up too fast, ok, my darling Cait.

She was very excited to celebrate her birthday with her cousins and had waited for 12 months for another round of presents! Every present that she opened, she squealed with excitement. It's such a pleasure just watching her. My sweet, sweet dear Caitlyn!

This is the birthday cake which I baked and decorated with fondant & image icing. If you look closely, I have her pictures at various ages at the top and around the cake.

Fresh Strawberry Cake w Fondant Icing and Hannah Montana/Caitlyn Image Icing

I wanted to serve Buffalo Wings (TGIF's style) at Caitlyn's dinner party. Googled for the recipe and there are hundreds of recipes to choose from. Finally, I came up with my own recipe. With a little bit of sense and creativity, here's Jen's Buffalo Wings which was (proudly may I add) a success!

Jen's Buffalo Wings

Marinade chicken wings with:
Salt, cornflour, worchestershire sauce.

Seasoning sauce: Melt 50g butter and add in tabasco sauce (suit your taste) and a little dash of worchestershire sauce.

Preheat oven and line baking tray with foil.
Place chicken wings on tray and bake till half done. Take out of the oven and place the chicken wings in another baking dish without any lining. Pour sauce over chicken wings and bake till done.

What's the taste like? Buffalo Wings, off course! Slightly sourish and spicy. Wonderful!

I also made this perfect BBQ Honey Chicken Wings for the young ones as the Buffalo Wings might be a little too spicy for the young tots!

Jen's BBQ Honey Chicken Wings

Marinade (2 hours): salt, a little black pepper, cornflour, chinese rice wine (not too much), sesame oil, five spice powder, golden syrup.

Preheat oven and line tray with aluminium foil. Place marinated chicken wings on tray and bake till done. Perfecto!

These recipes are simple and healthier than frying! Have a try.


  1. Wah, pretty wonder Cait so excited! Buffalo wings look shiok lah! Must make again for Xmas!

  2. Memang shiok. yes i can do again for xmas so that you can try.

  3. wah when i was there no buffalo wings to eat... now that i am in ipoh i "lau how suey" looking at the pictures!

  4. Hi, I came to your blog from your sis' blog. Coincidentally, my two girls are called Ashleigh and Caitlin. Slightly different spelling. Love your recipes esp Buffalo wings. must try this.


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